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GoFi Prepaid Data Sim Card

GoFi Prepaid Data Sim Card

Only $8/mo per 1 GB, $8/GB for data used after that + unlimited data after $64

Keepgo GoFi data SIM card provides your iPad, tablet, laptop or phone with the best cellular coverage in the USA and Europe at pretty much the lowest price on the planet. Pay $8 per 1 GB used and use unlimited data after you paid $64 in a month. No Extra Charges. No contract. No fine prints.

This data SIM uses both AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the USA; KPN in the Netherlands; Deutsche Telekom, O2 and Vodafone DE in Germany. The best 4G/LTE multiple networks in other countries.

Keepgo sim cards can be used with FREE and paid local phone numbers in the USA, UK, Poland and other countries. These numbers can be used for regular calls, SMS and two factor authentication requests. The phone numbers are provided by our partner mobile apps.

This sim card comes with adapters and is compatible with all unlocked GSM phones, tablets, WiFi hotspots and other devices.

Order now and get 20 GB/10 days bonus data coupon. Use it anytime you wish during 1 year.

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Features you are going to love

Our selection of features gives you the connectivity that you want
Keep your old buddy
Our data SIM card fits any unlocked device. No matter what you are taken with you: iPhone, IPad, Dual SIM phone, any Android smartphone or tablet, Kindle or anything else with a sim card slot - we have you covered.
Unlimited Data Plan
For $8/month, you get 1 GB and pay $8 for each additional 1 GB you use. Once you've used 8 GB of data in a month, your data charge is capped at $64 for the rest of the month, but you continue to get full speed data service. Slow down after 30 GB used.
The best cell coverage
Our global data SIM card runs not on one, but on several of the largest cellular networks in many countries. Get the best cell coverage on the top nationwide networks in the USA and Europe.
Check network coverage
No contracts. No credit check.
Forget the stress of reading fine prints. Enjoy instant online activation and hassle-free refills on the
GoFi prepaid data plan.
Around-the-clock human support
Need assistance? We are here 24/7 via chat, messenger or email. Always at high speeds We will never filter or throttle your connection down. It’s a promise.
No excessive charges
Bill Protection sets a limit on how much is charged to your account per month. Reached 100% of limit? No charges are applied anymore and you go Unlimited!

Service built around you

Around the clock Support
24/7 support from our highly experienced professionals - even on holidays.
Access via chat or email.
Free shipping
We deliver to your hotel, office or residence. Free shipping to 40+ countries. Expedited and priority shipping to 100+ countries.
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Quality guarantee
If you are not happy with your product, you may return it within 14 days.
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Frequently asked questions

Will the SIM Card work with my mobile device?

Keepgo GoFi SIM works with all unlocked GSM phones, tablets, or hotspots, including: iPhone, IPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, LG, etc.

How do I know if my device is unlocked?

If you are not sure if your mobile device is unlocked, try using it with a SIM from a different carrier. Alternatively, you may call your carrier or review your contract to find out if your device is locked.

How I can start using lines on GoFi Prepaid plan?

You have to activate the line(s) before usage. No usage is possible without activation. Please, browse to keepgo.com/activate.

Is the GoFi plan really Prepaid?

This is a monthly plan with $8 (€7.50) per GB*, $8/GB for data used after that + unlimited data after $64 (€52.62) paid in a month. When the balance falls below 100 MB, 1GB of data is automatically added to your line for the same price.

*Ordering the GoFi line, you also get a coupon code for free 20 GB/10 days. You can use this coupon anytime during 1 year. Bonus data is not a case for enabling Unlimited data mode.

How can I get 20 GB of bonus data?

You will receive the 20 GB coupon code inside the activation email after activating your Keepgo line at keepgo.com/activate. Bonus data is valid for 10 days.

The coupon code is valid for 1 year, you can use it whenever you wish.

To apply the coupon code, go to https://myaccount.keepgo.com/

  • 1. Choose your GoFi line.
  • 2. Click More Details.
  • 3. Click the “Redeem Free Data” button. Enter the coupon code and click “Apply”.

Can I test my lines before going abroad?

Yes, we recommend testing your line before going abroad by browsing to www.keepgo.com/test. Make sure you browse from the device with the Keepgo SIM card inside or you are connected by WiFi to the Keepgo hotspot. If you are using the Keepgo SIM card in your own device do the following:

How do I activate a line on GoFi Prepaid Plan?

To activate your GoFi Prepaid Data SIM card, go to keepgo.com/activate and find the "Activate a new line" menu item. Enter your line ID (last 8 numbers printed on the GoFi Prepaid Data SIM card) and click "Activate". The line is added to your GoFi Prepaid Plan.

SIM Card Activate

How do I refill data on my Keepgo GoFi Prepaid Data lines?

Data is automatically refilled whenever your data balance falls below 100 MB. There’s no need to top-up on your own every time you run out of data.

How much data can I use every month?

You can use as much data as you want. 1GB of data is added to your balance at the start of the month. Every time your balance falls below 100MB we add 1GB of data to your line automatically.

What if I use more than 1 GB of data per month?

If you use more than 1 GB per 1 month, you will be automatically charged $8 (€7.50) and 1 GB will be added to your GoFi Prepaid Data line when your data balance falls below 100 MB. This is done to ensure that your service is uninterrupted. Once you've used 8GB of data in a month, your data charge is capped at $64 for the rest of the month, but you continue to get full-speed data service. Slow down mode is activated after 30 GB usage in a month.

What’s the billing period for my line(s)?

The billing period is one calendar month starting on the 1st of the month and going until the last day of the same month. On the 1st day of every month, you are charged $8(€7.50) and 1GB is added to your line. The payment method is charged according to the currency specified in your Personal Account.

What is Bill Protection?

Bill Protection protects you from excessive charges by setting a limit on how much is charged to your account per month. We will not charge you more in a month than your Bill Protection amount. When you reach 100% of the Bill Protection amount, the Unlimited data mode is enabled and you can continue using high-speed mobile data. We will not charge your payment method anymore this month.

You can disable Bill Protection at your own risk and then the Unlimited data mode won’t be activated for your line and you will be charged as usually - $8/GB. If you disable Bill Protection we recommend you keep a close eye on your data usage which you can do in your Personal Account at myaccount.keepgo.com.

How Bill Protection is calculated for my GoFi Prepaid Data lines?

Bill Protection is activated automatically for your lines. The amounts depend on the number of GoFi Prepaid Data lines in your account.

The Bill protection cost for 1 GoFi line is set at $64 (€52.62) for (8 GB). If you have more than 1 line then the Bill Protection is calculated according to this formula: $64 (€52.62) multiplied by the number of your lines. Check the example in the table below.

1 GoFi Prepaid Data Line 2 GoFi Prepaid Data Lines 3 GoFi Prepaid Data Lines
$64 (€52.62) $64 x 2 = $128 (€108,63) $64 x 3 = $192 (€162,95)

Can I switch from GoFi Prepaid Plan to Lifetime data plan?

Yes. You can make a switch at your Personal Account. Go to Lines > More Details option at your Line’s managing panel > Switch Plan. Please keep in mind that when you switch a line to the Lifetime Prepaid Plan your GoFi Prepaid Plan data does not transfer over. Your Line will be automatically refilled with 1GB of data according to the prices specified.

Can I switch back from Lifetime to GoFi Prepaid Plan?

Yes, but keep in mind that if you switch your line from Lifetime to GoFi Prepaid Plan, your Lifetime data won’t transfer over. You will be billed a monthly payment for GoFi Prepaid Plan and 1GB of monthly data will be added to your GoFi Prepaid Data line.

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Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


Lucy L.
Quick delivery

I've got my sim card just in 3 days. A guy from customer service has helped to organize everything smoothly. Thanks!

Jack G.
Best coverage!

I use the GoFi SIM card in the USA. It's just the beginning of my story, but I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the whole Keepgo team! Thank you for delivering the best coverage all over my country!

The best SIM card

Used it in my unlocked phone, worked well in Spain. Data usage is very clear and easily trackable. I like that they have a bill protection policy. It's very useful when you are abroad and don't have a chance to track your data correctly.